lackluster pasta, and a phenomenal bottle of wine

Valarie and Dave's business partnership started on their first date.

Being less-than-satisfied with their meal they thought: "We could do better than this." So they set out to do just that! Both have pasts rooted in the culinary world. Valarie's grandpa owned the first mobile fresh grocery truck in Kittitas County, Washington. Her mom owned the only restaurant in Dryden for years, The Gold Nugget, where Valarie worked as a teen.

Dave's first job was in catering at Purdue University, where his father was a professor. Then he went on to study French cuisine from the culinary genius Randall Hoff, former owner of La Petite Maison in Olympia, Washington.

We've become known for our original and exciting homegrown cuisine, our mastery of many global styles and our ability to work in a variety of settings and venues. Precision and flexibility are essential to run a successful catering company, and we pride ourselves on those traits. We provide a full range of services including event management, professionally trained and courteous staff as well as bartending services.

We are inspired by responsibility, sustainability and style. We strive to incorporate those principles into the way we do business. Being community-minded and giving back to the people and non-profit organizations of the NCW region has helped us build a thriving business. That is an achievement we don't take for granted.

If you choose us as your caterer we promise to deliver you an authentic, memorable experience using only the freshest farm-to-table ingredients.